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Ethics Consultation Practice includes:

Medical Ethics/Clinical Ethics--inpt, outpt, world-wide via telemedicine

(starting or stopping life support, refusal of treatment, DNR orders, futility, decision-making capacity assessment, transplant and living donor assessments, patient-doctor conflicts, family conflict, etc.)


•Corporate Bioethics--medical device, pharma, biotech•

(medical affairs, regulatory affairs, patient advocacy, public policy, health technology assessment, research ethics, media relations, corporate communications, employee training, moral distress and incident debriefing, conflict of interest, internal policy development/review)


•Ethics Committee Training•


•Expert Witness•




Ethical dilemmas arrive in all shapes and sizes, and can affect many personal domains: health/medicine, business, career, finance, and family. 

The field of ethics provides educated and skilled practitioners to aid those who are in the midst of an ethical crisis.  Ethicists also work with clients to offer proactive steps to avoid ethical conflict.

In practice since 2002 and formerly on staff at The Cleveland Clinic, Professor Bramstedt has worked in the inpatient and outpatient setting, performing over 900 consultations involving a variety of topics (e.g., end of life, living wills, futility, transplant and organ donation, research protocol review, conflict of interest assessment, moral decision-making, conflict resolution). She is active in medical student education including curriculum development, teaching, and assessment, as well as research supervision.  Currently, she is a Professor at Bond University School of Medicine in Queensland, Australia.

She has worked with patients, family members, medical teams, NGOs, IRBs, OPOs, the FDA, NIH, medical device companies, network television writers (e.g., ABC's "Private Practice"), and attorneys.  Additionally, she has published over 90 articles in peer-reviewed medical and ethics journals, and she lectures nationally and internationally.  

 For a list of current lecture events, go to http://www.transplantethics.com

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